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About us
Who founded dating4ababy.com

This website is the brainchild of a woman like many who has spent a lot of time between studying, working and other commitments and in a way "forgot" about making a family with children.

I studied and worked for many years as a professional musician and translator and still do.

I am Italian and moved to the UK a few years ago.

Now I'm single and would like to find a partner to share my life with and have children.

I think for children it is important to have a mother and a father and for a couple to have the same intentions about having children.

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How I got the idea for dating4ababy

By talking with friends and reading articles, I realized that there are many women and men in the same situation, single and want a baby, who start worrying about getting too old to have children.

Also, couples split because of a disagreement about this, one partner wants children, the other doesn't, because this aspect wasn't clear from the beginning of their relationship.

So I started having a look at some dating websites, out of curiosity, since some friends had found their partners there. I've to say, I didn't like most of them, I was unhappy with existing dating websites, where you cannot filter profiles based on their intentions of having children. Also I didn't like many other features of theirs, I'd been thinking "I wish they had this or that characteristic, filter etc. or service...". In order to study in depth how they work and which were the "best dating websites", I registered with a big number of them, nearly seventy.

Eventually, I decided to do something and created my own dating website, www.dating4ababy.com, for myself and for all women and men like me, to help them find each other. I included in this website all the characteristics I wanted and excluded what I didn't like.

Many people find it difficult to get to know new people. I myself have been using different ways to meet new people and I share with you what I've learned and what may work best.

I've also been exploring the subject of fertility, since there is a lot of pressure on women about the "right age" for them to have children. Also, more and more women and men, even in their '20s, have diffilculties conceiving so I put together some natural fertility tips.

Examples from the past

By reading a lot about these issues, I came across and found inspiration and encouragement from many stories, some very old.

I read of Sarah and Elizabeth, two women mentioned in the Bible and, because of their situation, it seemed impossible that they could have children.

Regardless of whether you are religious or not, I think they are nice stories about a woman and a man longing for a child and you can read their stories in a symbolic way, if you prefer. In my opinion, these stories also tell us that since very old times there have been cases of women who got pregnant at what was considered an "old age" and that cases that seemed desperate, instead, found a happy ending.

Their story tells something that can be applied to men too.

The story of Sarah

Sarah's story may be even a bit shocking. Sarah was the wife of Abraham, who was told by God and three messengers that Sarah was going to give him a child.

Abraham was incredulous that a hundred year old man and his ninety year old wife could have a child, and so was Sarah, who even laughed when she heard that.

Eventually, Sarah got pregnant and within a year she had a child, Isaac.

The story of Elizabeth

Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary, mother of Jesus, and the story says she was married but childless. Her husband Zachariahs was a priest. One day he had a vision of an angel who announced him that his wife would give him a child. He was incredulous because he said he was an old man and his wife too was of advanced age.

Some time later Elizabeth was pregnant and had a baby, John, who later became known as St. John the Baptist, cousin of Jesus.

Good luck!

Sarah and Elizabeth are just a way to remind ourselves that unexpected things can happen, even if so far you haven't been able to find the right partner or if you think you are too old to have children. You are not alone, read about women who got pregnant over 40 or were over 50 and pregnant.

I wish you find your partner and have all the children you like! All the best.

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